For Landlords


At Rental Boutique we offer a personalised 'boutique' style property management service where Amanda personally handles all aspects of your investment.  We provide good old fashioned personal service, supported by the latest technology and systems, giving you the best of both worlds.  Our services include;


  • Regular rent reviews are conducted to ensure you are extracting the highest possible yield from your investment
  • Comprehensive reference checking is carried out on all prospective tenants and a 100 point ID validation process is used to confirm identity.  We never hand out keys for inspections and all prospective tenants are personally shown through your property so we can further gauge their suitability.
  • We don't believe just collecting your rent is managing your property. We believe in maximising your return and protecting your asset.  At Rental Boutique we  conduct thorough and regular property inspections every 4 months.  We detail the condition of your home and provide you with a detailed photographic report as to the condition of your property at the time of the inspection and guide you on how to maintain your property in a manner that will maximise your rental return and the long term value of your asset.
  • Some investors like to hear from us all the time while others just want us to quietly manage their property.  We do not pester you unnecessarily, or call you too often so feel free to let us know how and when you'd like us to be in touch and by what method eg. phone, SMS, email or letter. It's all about being on the same wavelength.
  • Rental Boutique prides itself on the importance of excellent communication, that's why we have a "Communication Policy".  Our guarantee is to communicate with you weekly while your property is vacant or becoming vacant and after every inspection.  We will not just call you when disaster strikes.


Important information

We find that many first-time investors do not know quite what to expect from their tenants.  What's normal behaviour? and what's something that could be a concern?

So here's a brief guide to some common misunderstandings. Once you understand these, you can stop worrying.

General wear & tear- 'Wear & Tear' is normal. It's an allowance for some bumps and scratches to paintwork, woodwork and other items. The Tenancy Tribunal allows for reasonable wear and tear on things like carpet, vinyl flooring and paintwork.

The rent's not paid- This of course, can happen to any landlord, but at Rental Boutique, we have a zero tolerance approach to tenants falling behind in their rental payments. We believe that tough early intervention is the key to ensure that rent arrears do not get out of hand. However, every now and then, despite all our best efforts, a tenant may for whatever reasons not pay and the situation heads towards eviction.  Please rest assured that at Rental Boutique there are policies and proceedures in place to ensure that every step is taken at the appropriate time to ensure minimal disruption to your rental income.

Repairs & Maintenance. Over time, things will break down and require repairing. If an item breaks down, it must be repaired within a reasonable time frame and if it cannot be repaired, it must be replaced.

Sometimes a property investor will provide a dishwasher or airconditioner at the start of the tenancy, with the reasoning that the tenant may use it until it breaks down, at which point it will neither be repaired nor replaced. However, it is important to understand that whatever is supplied in the property at the beginning of the tenancy MUST be either repaired or replaced and the law is quite clear in this regard.

Landlord insurance. Landlord insurance is highly recommended by Rental Boutique as it gives you cover for but not limited to the following:

  • Unpaid rent in most situations such as breaking of leases and default (up to 52 weeks depending on circumstances)
  • Cover for malicious damage or theft by tenants, as well as accidental damage to both building and specified contents including unauthorised home alterations
  • Tenant hardship and death of a sole tenant
  • Loss or damage to contents by defined events including fire, storm and water damage
  • Legal expenses in minimising a claim up to $5000

Rental Boutique recommends EBM, AON or Terry Sheer as our preferred insurance companies.  Please ensure that you seek independant advice when considering landlord insurance as the policies are as wide as they are varied and you may not be covered for all situation, so please be careful in your selection.